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Accounting Services

Accounting services can vary from a simple task like balancing a checkbook to a complicated task such as income tax year-end consultation to prepare your final income tax return, or creating an accounting system for your new business.



  • Setting up a new accounting system and chart of accounts

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Preparation of personal financial statements

  • Year-end tax planning and consultation services

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

We are here to help guide you in performing your payroll needs for your business from consulting to offering a full line payroll service. Preparing payroll checks for your business or entering existing information you have is one of the services our firm offers in order to:

  • calculate monthly payroll taxes

  • calculate and prepare quarterly payroll tax reports

  • calculate and prepare year-end payroll tax reports, W-2, and 1099 forms

Accurate record keeping is absolutely essential; yet confusing and time consuming.  At Cynthia R. Cherry, CPA, LLC that task can be handled by:

  • entering your disbursements and income, and balance your bank accounts

  • adjusting journal entries to your previous prepared financial statements

  • preparing interim and year-end financial statements for your business

Tax Return Preparation Services

A goal in Cindy's tax and accounting services is to build a relationship with clients. The trust in this relationship is important when working with tax preparation.  You can rest assured knowing that the staff at our firm stays current in the ever-changing tax laws to help you make important decisions regarding your finances.


Year-end income tax planning is essential in making prudent tax decisions in today's fast paced business world. Whether you are filing an individual tax return, a solely owned business, partnership, corporation or trust, we are here to help guide you and accommodate to all your tax preparation needs.

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