Q:  When should I schedule my tax preparation appointment?

A:  In order to have the most options for scheduling, please call as soon as you receive the postcard.  If you are unsure about what date to schedule; call the office and we can help guide you with a review of last year's appointment and the type of documents required for your tax return.  If your address has changed after you have filed your tax return, please contact the office in order for us to update your records.


Q:  What documents do I need to bring to my tax preparation appointment?

A:  Income documents including W-2, 1099, and/or self-employment records. The taxpayer(s) driver's license, and for NEW clients only, prior year tax return.


Q:  What is the time frame for my tax return preparation?

A:  Generally in-office appointments and drop-off returns received between January 31st and February 20th have a 2 week or less turnaround time, if all necessary documents are present.  We will contact you by phone or email as soon as the tax return is ready for pick up.


Q:  I don't want to make an appointment; can I just drop off my tax return?

A:  We have several options including:  dropping off your tax return, mailing it to us, faxing it to us, or requesting a link to our secure portal to email it to us.  If you choose to fax your tax return, please call our office to confirm receipt of faxed items.


Q:  When do I need to pay for my tax preparation services?

A:  Payment is due when you pick up your tax preparation.  We accept cash, check, or credit card.  You may also choose to have your tax preparation fee withheld from your refund.  There is an additional bank fee for this service ($50-$60).



Q:  I received a letter from a taxing authority; what do I need to do?

A:  Bring the letter immediately to our office or fax it to us, calling to confirm receipt of fax.  These letters are time-sensitive and we will need to contact the appropriate taxing authority in order to resolve the issue asap.  

Q:  What is the time frame on tax refunds?

A:  The IRS can take up to 21 days.  The Department of Revenue at state levels is determined by each state.  View our Where is my Refund? page to check on the status of your tax refund.


Q:  I need to file an extension; what do I need to do?

A:  Contact our office and complete IRS Form 8878 .  This form gives us the written authority to place an extension on your tax return.  If you believe you may owe taxes, we can file an extension with a payment.  Please keep in mind an extension is ONLY an extension to file your return, NOT an extension of time to pay your tax.  You will incur interest, penalties, and fees beginning on April 16th for an outstanding tax due.

Q:  What if I owe taxes and cannot pay the whole amount?

A:  Pay as much as you can and then contact the IRS to request a payment plan.  You will have up to 72 months to pay the balance.  You will incur interest, penalties, and fees until the balance is paid in full.

Q:  I'm starting a new business; what do I need to do?

A:  Congratulations on becoming a business owner!  First, contact our office to set up a tax consultation with Cindy in order to determine what services our firm can provide your business.  We try to be as flexible as possible to your schedule.  Please bear with us during our crazy months of February, March, and April.


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